Choosing to sell your business alone is possible but comes with many potential hazards.  Selling a business is a specialized transaction that will require significant knowledge to be done right.  There are online resources available but they do not protect you against all issues like emotional involvement.  A broker can act as a barrier to high emotions during negotiations and maintain an objective perspective.

Here are some of the hazards business owners face when selling their business without professional guidance.

  • Not balancing risk
  • Time constraints
  • Poor due diligence
  • Not mitigating legal or financial issues
  • Low selling price
  • Emotions end negotiations
  • Limited marketing
  • Ineffective business and sales plan
  • Difficulty to act anonymously so uncertainty amongst clients, staff, and suppliers

When you work with Investment Broker you get the following benefits of our services.

  • Proven strategies to introduce your business to qualified buyers
  • Trusted confidentiality
  • Personalized service until the sale is finalized
  • Maximized positive perception of your business
  • Reduced stress and worry

Selling a business is a complicated mix of marketing, sales, finance, risk management, and legalities.  If you have no or limited experience in these areas the value of an experienced broker is immeasurable.  Avoid costly mistakes and get help finding the best buyer for your business with Investment Broker.  Contact us for a free consultation.

The benefits of having a verified ad online are available to all business & real estate sellers plus companies looking for investors. Placing an advertisement is easy and effective. Monthly rate is CHF 100.00 (30 Days) or unlimited ads for a year is CHF 1000.00.