The best exit strategy for a business owner is to sell the business. Below are tips for selling a business so opportunities are not lost.

Take a look at when is the right time to sell a business.  If a business owner waits until the retirement age to sell certain issues can work against him or her. The buyer can have leverage against you to sell your business for many reasons.

Also, selling a business is not a small undertaking and may become too burdensome at an older age.  The smart choice is to sell when the business is strong and before the sale becomes a necessity.

Do a thorough assessment of what is for sale. Take a look at your physical assets, good will, trademarks, client lists and copyrights for example.  What does one take into account when selling a business is a complicated question.

Don’t waste time trying to sell your business with an inaccurate valuation. There are different valuation methods used but not all may be the best choice for your business.  For example, will you focus on assets or projected earnings?  Important questions to be used with current market understanding.

Finally, make sure everything is in order and transparent.  Forgotten items can unintentionally scare prospective buyers and end a deal.  It is a good idea to update records, check permits, and do general clean-up of the office and business overall.

Selling a business is a big undertaking and seeking professional help will only make the payoff from all your hard work bigger.  From the valuation to clean-up an experienced broker can offer effective advice on what needs to get done and how to do it.

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